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Life Chats

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Co-created by

Karen Sue-A-Quan, Thao Choi & Cecilia Toyotoshi

It is the start of a New Year and it is time to hit a refresh button on your life! 

Introducing LIFE CHATS 2022. For the next 9 months happening once a month on a Friday morning or evening session, we are bringing to you a program that is unique and special.  After feeling divided in the last few years, LIFE CHATS aims to collectively unify and connect amongst differences.  Through rich open discussions, partnered explorations, LIFE CHATS is a special opportunity to be part of a real authentic and non-judgemental group where relationships flourish and grow with love, kindness, compassion and understsanding.  What you may not find in real life, you will likely find in LIFE CHATS!

LIFE CHATS creates an opportunity for you to learn, to self-reflect about your own experiences, and build beautiful friendships in an intimate coaching and soulful environment. We are all on this journey called Life, and this unique program is created with the intention to re-examine the way we view our own personal lives and examine our greater purpose within our community and in this world.

LIFE CHATS is created as a labour of love between three coach facilitators.  Each have their own personality traits and their own unique energy fingerprint.  Together, they offer a breadth of experience, of varying skill sets, come from different professional backgrounds and provide a synergistic presence to the LIFE CHATS community. Below is our offering and we welcome you to ask any questions to any of the facilitators.

About the workshops

This is a 9 session program beginning on February 11th, 2022 in a ZOOM call format until in-person restrictions are lifted.

*All virtual sessions are on a Friday with the option of either 9:30-11:30 am OR 7:00-9:00 pm*

Participants registering for either all 9 workshop sessions or selected workshop sessions will have a private coaching session with each facilitator to address your specific needs!

How to reserve a spot?

Registration for Life Chats 2022 is currently OPEN to reserve a spot!

Please contact Cecilia Toyotoshi via email at cecitoyotoshi@gmail.com

 How much is Life Chats?

$550 for all 9 virtual 2 hour workshop sessions which also INCLUDES a total of 3 private coaching sessions, 1 with each facilitator.

E-transfer to cecitoyotoshi@gmail.com

What the Sessions are like

Session 1 – CHILDHOOD – Compassionate Understanding

Friday, Feb 11th, 2022. AM/PM

We arrive into this world with new opportunities to start all over again like a new blank canvas. What is the essence you wish to bring with you as you begin to explore life with childlike wonder and curiosity?  How would you like to begin painting the image of the life you wish for yourself and others? 

Session 2 – ADOLESCENCE – Identifying with Who Am I?

Friday, Mar 4th, 2022. AM/PM

Identity. How do we define ourselves? Are we our roles, gender, age, race, or our past? Who AM I? 

Session 3 – ADULTHOOD – Our EGO & SOUL.

Friday, April 1st, 2022. AM/PM

Introducing what is the EGO and SOUL? What comes from the EGO?  What comes from the SOUL? Discover the importance of becoming more aware of the EGO and SOUL and how they can be aligned together to guide us in life. 

Session 4 – SOUL – Our Evolving Part of Ourselves

Friday, May 6th, 2022. AM/PM

What is our SOUL? We dive deep into our soul virtues and their development to guide us and lead us towards love. 

Session 5 – MIND – In Service of our Soul Development

Friday, June 10th, 2022. AM/PM

The power of our mind and how to use it to serve our soul.  Learn about the sabotaging characters that play out in our minds and how we have the choice to connect more with our indwelling God-fragment towards healing. Learn how to integrate mindful practices into our daily lives to quiet down our ego.

Session 6 – RELATIONSHIP – The Love Triangle.

Friday, Sept 9th, 2022. AM/PM

As human beings, we are always in a relationship, therefore let us be conscious and intentional about who we are, what we do, and how we live.  Learn about how we can create more meaningful and soulful connections with the upside-down love triangle of relationship to Spirit, Self, and Other. 

Session 7 –  TRANSITION – An Evolution of Change

Friday, Oct 7th, 2022, AM/PM

Transition happens all along our life path. Recognize that change is a necessary part of our evolution and spiritual growth. Discover ‘what needs to close?’,  ‘what is my learning?’ and ‘what’s next?’ as we navigate through transition with intention and purpose. 

Session 8 – SPIRIT – Our Personal and Universal Connection to an Ethereal Existence.

Friday, Nov 4th, 2022.  AM/PM

What is our personal relationship to spirituality?  Learn to tap into this spiritual realm which is always available to guide us and to help us as soul beings to continue to evolve.  Listen to the individual and unique stories of connection as well as the universality of human spirit.

Session 9 – TRANSCENDENCE – Towards The Vibration of Love

Friday, Dec 2nd, 2022, AM/PM

What is your legacy? What is life? What Is after life?  Discuss our perspectives and thoughts where everyone gets to be right and no one is wrong for it is our own personal journey.  We are all on an infinite path towards an everlasting source of Love.



Cecilia, Karen, and Thao


Karen Sue-A-Quan

Karen Sue-A-Quan

Karen is both a healer and a teacher.  She loves to explore philosophical life topics, distill them into easily understood ideas to provoke conversation.  Her core belief that everyone is worthy of love and kindness, helps to invite and embrace everyone.  For Karen, life is precious and every soul is a gift.

Thao Choi

Thao Choi

Thao is a successful entrepreneur, a compassionate humanitarian, and a mental health advocate. As a certified Mental Health First Aid provider, she cares deeply about the mental wellbeing of young adults. She believes that through sharing the journey, the struggles, being completely vulnerable to let go of one’s own ego, then one can heal. Thao can be reached at thaochoicoaching@gmail.com.

Cecilia Toyotoshi

Cecilia Toyotoshi

Cecilia is a community connector. She conducts workshops in both Spanish and English in the most playful and energetic way while empowering the participants to experience life to its fullness, stepping out of their limiting beliefs and feeling the space of inclusion, diversity as well as equity. Cecilia’s passion and enthusiasm for life is contagious. Cecilia Toyotoshi can be reached via email at cecitoyotoshi@gmail.com


Angela Yee Loong

I loved the Sisterhood from Day 1 (unfortunately our own LIVE session).  I was so nervous attending the first session, but there was this beautiful cloud that enveloped me and I felt loved, no judgement and being able to express my thoughts and fears.  For me, it was “A NEW DAWN” – exploring my feelings, discovering the inner child: to understanding my Soul and Ego – what is my inner truth and heading into Life Transitions to not be afraid to take that leap of faith.  My best word to describe Life Chats?  Self reflection – Truth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Love you all.


“I met Karen by chance one day. It felt like I knew her even though we had never met. It was uncanny that I remembered her face from a random picture I saw online! I was at a bit of a crossroads in my own life and in my conversations with Karen, she really seemed to understand and relate to where I was coming from. I was also drawn to Karen because she had such a calming and soulful way of interacting with people. I decided to join Life Chats because it felt like a safe and comfortable place to start to explore my own meaning and purpose in life. Karen, along with her co-facilitators were amazing at sharing their knowledge and experiences as well as allowing us all to open up and be authentic without judgement. It was a great experience (unfortunately, it had to be virtual) and recommend this to anyone wanting a safe space for introspection. I look forward to learning more from Karen.”

Margo Ober

In my opinion, you have by virtue of hard work, wonderful insights and intuitiveness, created a perfect vehicle for healing for the women called to join your program “Life Chats”.  All of us who were guided to join in have received SO much.  There are so many struggling people in the community – young, older, immigrants, entrepreneurs, business owners, some stay-at-home moms – most have been overwhelmed in day to day existence, AND THEN COVID HIT!  How interesting, the timing!  And this virus as well as all that this year 2020 has brought up to the surface – well your timing couldn’t have been any better.

Addressing your inner child was totally on point.  I feel personally that you might want to refer to this subject on an ongoing basis.  The Inner Child woundedness informs much more of everyone’s journey than was previously thought and it must be really loved, nurtured and healed in order to elevate the soul.  The world is shifting rapidly – but your course is helping your friends/clients stay the course in love, letting go/releasing the old in order to embrace the new and adapting.  I wish you could expand it somehow to bring it to more who are struggling. Keep on with the good work – you’re an awesome team!!


Life Chats has been life changing!  The topics we explore together as a group are even more enriching as we open up and share our life experiences.  Life Chats gave me the strength and confidence to work through some painful memories.  I am grateful for the genuine connections and safe space.

Ready to connect with the Life Chats community?

If you are looking for an authentic community to learn, to grow, be coached by three facilitators, and have others to connect with, then Life Chats is for you!