What I Offer

Private One-on-One Coaching

Are you looking for someone to talk privately with – someone who will truly listen and not fix you? 

Are you looking for someone to help you understand your own essence free from judgement? 

Are you looking to instill more peace and calm into your life?  

If these questions ignite a “YES” in you, then consider private coaching with me.

My belief is that everyone is worthy of love. 

When our ego takes over in our thoughts, we find ourselves living a life that we feel disconnected with, find ourselves out of balance, and feel the pain of our ignored soul.  My mission is to help people notice the ego in their mind, acknowledge it and shift towards their soul with kindness and gentleness.

Connect with me if you would like to have a Discovery Call so I can better understand your needs and determine if I am the right fit for you.  

Private sessions will be done over a Zoom call or by telephone.


Cheryl Maloney

Months ago, Karen told me about a small coaching group she was starting up and asked if I’d like to join.  She called it a “Soul Tribe” and the group was to meet once a month.  It sounded intriguing so I said yes and went in with an open mind but really had no idea what to expect from it. Each session started out as an easy conversation – very innocent.  But somehow, Karen was able to guide us either through conversation, activities, or meditation to get in touch with a much deeper part of ourselves. I would always enter each session uncertain of where we’re going but totally in awe after it was done!  

Karen would say that we got to that place ourselves, but I truly believe it wouldn’t have happened without her peaceful guidance.  It was like gently peeling back the layers of an onion to discover what lies within.  After each session, I am truly in awe at what Karen makes each of us aware of and of how much more I understand of my true self and what touches my soul. Karen has a quiet way of helping you bring out your authentic self.  I highly recommend Karen Sue-A-Quan as a spiritual life coach.  This truly is her passion and her calling.

Tasia Keeng

Many months ago, I started a journey of knowing myself.  I heard about this superb Soul Tribe although I didn’t have a clue what it could do for me.  But tribe equaled Hear Me Roar and I also felt I needed to feel like I was part of a tribe. Karen, little did I know how your coaching would rock my world! You’ve taught me the value of slowing down, being mindful, bringing the essence of me to the forefront and heightening the spiritual aspects of self.  You’ve made me understand how important it is to be in my own moment, to be compassionate to self, to look beyond my ego so that I become a better person.  You’ve used the most unique techniques to teach me how to look deep, sometimes uncomfortable but always loving. 

My journey is still ongoing, but I wouldn’t be where I am today, kinder, even more loving, full of gratitude for myself, vibrating at a crazy spiritual level and operating as the amazing Tasia without having you to guide me. So bring on more of whatever you do that works because it sure is working for me.  Forever grateful for my Soul Tribe and for taking the chance to laugh, live, and learn with my spiritual life coach Karen.

Dr. Adrijana Pesevska, MD

Karen is very passionate and very motivated in her work. She is one of the BEST spiritual life coaches I know. The combination of her strong medical background with spiritual knowledge and her calm, peaceful personality makes Karen unique in her work. Her ability to help individuals in different age groups can only be reassurance for me that her understanding in human psychology is also superior.

I respect and appreciate Karen’s work as a medical professional as she helped few cases I know, as well as someone constantly providing education to us on how we can live our life to the fullest, “unfolding our soul’s gift to give”.  Thank you Karen!!


I began my personal 1:1 coaching with Karen when my eldest daughter went away to University and I felt overwhelmed with sadness.  Karen’s caring spirit and insightful approach helped me understand the connection to my own childhood experience.  I am grateful for our conversations that led to my inner journey of self-reflection, especially how to identify the ego vs. the soul.  Thank you for teaching me how to really affect authentic positive change for my family by leading with love.

Susie Beghin

I started working with Karen a few years ago on my journey of self-discovery.  Initially, my goal was to explore my spirituality.  I was at a crossroads in my life.  I was looking to grow spiritually but wasn’t quite sure how to do so.  I felt a calling for something more from life but not quite sure what that was. Karen always encouraged me to be curious to explore that inner voice.  We talked a lot about God and about the soul. Karen also helped me to overcome my anxiety.  She was always gentle, kind and loving.  She held a space where I was comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings.  She guided me – not according to any particular doctrine or ideology – but simply to explore what was in my heart and soul. Fast forward a few years later and I feel confident in myself and in listening to that inner voice.  I have grown spiritually through her guidance and continue to grow and learn more each day.

Want to learn more about Private Coaching?

Connect with me if you would like to have a Discovery Call so I can better understand your needs and determine if I am the right fit for you.