What I Offer

Soul School Sisterhood

Sisterhood. Soul Growth. Creative Fun.

Soul School Sisterhood is a unique blend of virtual learnings and in-person soulful fun and conversations.  Over a 10 month period, participants receive access to weekly virtual content that stimulates the mind to reflect on soul based themes.  Each week,  access to a Zoom recording, life lesson reflection, or inspirational life story from the ICU is made available for participants. Through this virtual content, one begins to realize how special life really is.

What the Sessions are like

Recognizing the value and gift of life, we celebrate it in its entirety.  Through biweekly, in-person gatherings, we converse about soulful themes of life.  Topics such as kindness and compassion, philanthropy and global service, spirituality and what that means to you, signs and synchronicities are but just some of the conversations we will be having all together. Recognizing that life is precious, we carve out time for soulful fun through music, culinary foods, art, nature walk and watching movies of life stories together in sisterhood.

Cost of the program

If you wish to pay in full:
$540 (no tax) – payable in full via Paypal on/before September 15th, 2021

If you wish to pay in two installments:
$280 (tax included) – payable via Paypal on/before September 15, 2021
$280 (tax included) – payable via Paypal on/before January 5, 2022

Note:  there will be no credit given for missed in-person sessions.

More about this workshop…

Life Chats

Each week, you will receive access to virtual content for your own perusal and learnings.  We are all here on this planet to learn (for Earth is a Soul School) and I am sharing with you what I have learned thus far from Life and I would also love to learn from you!

Twice a month on a Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm, there will be 18 opportunities to gather in-person to have soulful conversation alternating with creative fun!  The following are the dates for the next 10-month block session in 2021-2022.

2021 SESSION: September 29 | October 6 & 20 | November 3 & 17 | December 1

2022 SESSION: January 12 & 26 | February 2 & 16 | March 2 & 23 | April 6 & 20 | May 4 & 18 | June 1 & 15

TIME: 7-9 pm

PLACE: Oakville, Ontario (address will be given only to participants via email)


Lina Hammad

I joined the Soul School program because I felt that it would be an opportunity to connect with one’s true and authentic self and to reflect more deeply about the soulful parts of our lives. Karen has been an exceptional facilitator and simply a warm, centered, and kind soul who brought much wisdom, positive energy and calmness into her sessions. It was also very nice being part of a group of interactive, open and genuine seekers of truth. I highly recommend this program!  I hope to use this experience to guide and instill more ‘soulfulness’ into my everyday life.

Sumaya Mukhlis

Dear Karen, I want to thank you so much for offering such a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the human mind and soul.  It has made an impact on my life.  I am feeling more understanding towards myself and others, and I am still trying to improve and to grow.  I deeply value the time we’ve spent together, you really inspire me.


I wanted to explore more of the soul journey with Karen after spending time together doing personal 1:1 coaching.  It was rewarding to be part of this small group as we could share and learn from each other.   Karen guided us through the soul journey with incredible knowledge and kindness.   She helped me understand the importance of connecting to the love from the spirit within.

Ready to get introspective?

If you are looking for soul growth together with reflection, conversation and fun, then Soul School Sisterhood is for you. Together, we learn, connect, bond and champion one another through this Sisterhood.