In The Morning Stillness Comes The Dawn of A New Day

In the morning stillness, behind the first dim of light, comes rolling in softly where Spirit is most close. You have arrived from your unconscious to the brink of consciousness. Thoughts begin to roll in like the gentle waves along the ocean side, like the sprinkle of the misty rain, like the first rays of a rising sun. Watch as you become an observer of what begins to surface, for it is a message gently reaching you, attempting to connect to your soul. In your recognition of what thoughts hits home to you, stop to notice what thoughts you love most – for that is what you share your mental home with.

Some mornings in those golden moments, I can hear the gentle hum of the home, for it is not complete silence. I can hear the morning call of the birds starting their days. I can hear the gentle sound of air rolling in and out of my husband on one side and my dog on the other. 

Other mornings, I hear pieces of musical lyrics that play several times over like a record player on repeat, playing to greet me for the day. It’s taking notice of these repeated messages coming my way.

Today it sounded like this:
“Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me”
“Don’t let the sun go down on you”
“I’ve got sunshine in my pockets and the good soul in your feet”

These messages are beyond popular tunes, they are lyrics that produce a more meaningful meaning to me for the day. They are the words that Spirit is reaching out to see if my soul has awoken to begin a passage of communication together in the morning quiet.

Experience this gift of divine affection. Seek it out and present yourself to your creative Spirit in a moment of sincerity and gratitude. Take in the stillness of the morning quiet to be alone with your “Spirit-mate” to experience feelings of peacefulness, openness, and tenderness for receiving this “shimmer of light” that shines everlasting within you, beyond you and for you.

About Life Stories

We are spiritual beings having a human experience granted the greatest gift of all – our free will to choose…. and in those choices, they become our experiences for our natural evolution of our soul.

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